My Hair Care Routine

I am a licensed hairstylist so I obviously have a deep passion for hair care. Out of everything, hair care is the thing I take most serious.

I always laugh when I’m recommending products to a client at the salon and they ask me, “Do you actually use these products at home?” Of course I do. Since beauty school, I haven’t put anything on my hair that isn’t salon quality.

I feel like I could easily chit chat and make this post forever long so lets just get into it.

I’m always trying new shampoos and finding new favorites but here are the ones I’ve been loving lately. I love the sexy hair care line because all of their shampoos & conditioners are sulfate, paraben, and gluten free. I’m not sure why it matters if there is gluten in your shampoo, but there isn’t any in these. I have a really sensitive scalp and I find that none of their products irritate my scalp.

My everyday shampoo is from their new line, Long Sexy Hair. Now my hair isn’t super long, but I like this because it makes my hair feel so clean and it does an amazing job at detangling before I even condition.

I have two other shampoo’s I use about once a week. I use Style Sexy Hair shampoo, it is a clarifying shampoo. It makes my hair extremely clean by removing all of the product build up and minerals from my hard water. I also like it because it’s safe for color treated hair. The other one I use about 1-2x a week is Blonde Sexy Hair Brightening Shampoo. I’m naturally a dark brown but right now I have light blonde hair. This shampoo is purple and purple shampoos are crucial for blondes. They eliminate any yellow or brass from the hair making it looked like you just stepped out of the salon.

I alternate between 2 conditioners. I’m in love with the Blonde Sexy Hair Bombshell Blonde conditioner, mainly because it smells amazing but it also leave my hair feeling soft and moisturized. The other one I’ve been using lately is Design Line’s Moisture Conditioner. I have dry hair so I always get a good moisturizing conditioner.

So after the shower, the very first thing I put in my hair (before I comb it) is my leave in conditioner, Pureology’s Color fanatic. I love this because it has 21 different benefits, so it obviously does a lot for my hair.

I also use two more products for added moisture. A holy grail of mine is Redken’s Glow Dry. I have been in love with this stuff since it came out. I use it on myself and all of my clients, it’s good for all hair types. It adds softness, moisture and shine into the hair. It even cuts your blow dry time in half! I could rave about this product forever lol. The other I use and also love is from Biolage, it is their Hydrasource leave in cream. I love the smell it has, it has a very clean scent. It adds a lot of moisture to my hair and also makes it soft.

I also use one product for strength. I’ve used this product for years, it was probably one of the first products I bought in beauty school. Redken’s Extreme Anti Snap. Its a leave in cream that helps with your hairs elasticity. It does exactly what it sounds like, it prevents your hair from snapping off.

What does your hair care routine look like? Let me know in the comments!


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